Monday, October 29, 2012

James 1:4

In an effort to give Lindsay a little time to rest her heart and mind, we'd like to update all of you on the current situation and prayer needs for Ken and his three girls.

The recent move to rehab gives countless reasons to praise Jesus for the ways He is working in Ken’s life.  We stand amazed at our God.  Lindsay and Ken are so thankful to each and every one of you who have interceded on their behalf, by lifting them up to our Heavenly Father – literally without ceasing.  It’s been an unbelievable blessing.  Yet even now, there is much work to be done.  We continue to pray with faith, asking God to complete the work He has started.

Perhaps the best way to describe the current situation is that it requires God’s very personal and very creative healing hand.  The recovery process for Ken is incredibly intricate and will take time.  His needs are different than they were nearly six weeks ago (praise Jesus), but the need for consistent prayer is no less vital.  The McClure family has a long road ahead of them, yet we believe that God will lead them, giving strength for each step of the way and using it for His glory.  We ask for you to continue to pray for each member of this precious family. Prayer is needed in the following ways…
  • for Jesus to calm Ken’s heart and mind and that His presence would be tangibly felt each day (including more restful sleep at night)
  • for our Heavenly Father to see each and every need for healing in Ken’s body and begin to work in those places—including full restoration of his pelvis, muscle, lung, and brain functioning
  • for energy, strength and a peace that surpasses all understanding for Lindsay as she walks through the challenges that this time brings
  • for wisdom for Lindsay about her daily schedule
  • for Ken and Lindsay’s daughters -
            that consistent visits can start soon and will be a blessing
            that Jesus will ultimately use this experience to draw the girls’ hearts closer to Him

Thank you for your continued faithfulness,

Jamie & Lauren

 “Perseverance must finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything.”

–James 1:4

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