Thursday, October 4, 2012

right now

ken had a good night last night.  no fevers, blood oxygen good, good oxygen overall.  i am so grateful for forward motion and thankful beyond belief that he seems healthy enough to complete the surgery.  praise god.

the plan was, if he had a good night, to send him into the OR for pelvis surgery later this afternoon.  i just now got a call from his nurse, and he will be headed for surgery within the hour.

please pray with me.  the surgery will take between 5 and 8 hours, so keep them coming until later into the night.

some suggestions for prayer:
1.  the surgery to be 100% effective, with zero complications

2.  for perfect accuracy from the orthopedic surgeons.

3.  for God to be ken's shield of protection (mainly for his lungs, that they'd remain strong throughout the surgery)

4.  for quick healing and that this would be a beautiful physical turning point for his recovery.

5.  for peace as we wait the long hours until it's completed

6.  for our daughters to go to sleep easily tonight, as i won't be able to be home for bedtime.

we can't express our thankfulness to you. (i'll try and update on the blog throughout the surgery as information comes my way)

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