Wednesday, October 17, 2012

for prayer today

hi.  your prayers have been powerful and effective, so i am seeking out some more who will stand in the gap with us.

~ i am praying for our oldest daughter's heart.  she's devastated when i leave for the hospital.  and although a recent conversation she had with my sister went really well, C talked to my sister about how she feels like "God is screaming and laughing" at her.  she's dealing with a huge amount of spiritual questions, and i want to consistently point her to jesus while allowing her heart to express all the emotion she wants to.

~ i'm praying for the right balance of medication to be administered to kenny, wisdom and creativity for the doctors for how this can be accomplished.  and perfect communication between them.

~ as ken is more awake, and dealing with a lot of emotions, i am needed at the hospital more hours during the day.  this affects me and the girls in that we are being stretched a great deal.  i'm praying that this stage in the step-down unit would be short.  that God would be gracious and make this room not be his home for long.

thank you - from the bottom of my heart.

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