Friday, October 5, 2012

CT scan

**UPDATE**  the CT scan showed nothing new in either ken's brain or lungs.  i can express my relief &  thankfulness to God. 

please pray that ken would begin responding neurologically, confirming that his lack of response is due to medication/anesthesia. 

this scare reminded me how very fragile of a state kenny's body is in.  his lungs still need a good deal of strengthening before he can get the tracheostomy.   and each day that goes by without the trech, poses some more risks.   please pray for his lungs to strengthen.

please pray.  ken is not responding to neurological commands.  it may be because of the anesthesia from surgery or maybe a stroke and brain bleeding.  i just got back from the CT with him. please pray for god's protection from anything worse than it already is.  please pray. 


  1. praying,praying,praying....without ceasing day after day after day. Love in Christ Carol Adams

  2. Praise God for this protection. Praying for continued healing and safekeeping