Sunday, October 7, 2012

next step

**UPDATE FOR ALL YOU CRAZY, FAITHFUL PRAYER WARRIORS**:  got a phone call from sara, kenny's nurse, on my way home from the hospital and he responded to two commands she gave him.  praise you, God, for Your goodness and graciousness.

*UPDATE* i unexpectedly had a few extra minutes, and wanted to give God praise for some amazing things happening.  thinking this would be especially important to do as i wait.  hope for.  and expect Him to do great things for ken's neurological responses. they're below the original post. 

today, i am so thankful that ken's oxygen levels on the ventilator are good.  he's shown a lot of improvement in this area, and this was our number one concern.  he also has both chest tubes taken out.  basically, he is doing more pulmonary work on his own than before.  it's been great to see some forward-motion with his lungs.  i am so so grateful to the Lord for working on this.

another amazing praise in ken's recovery is that he's recovering well from pelvis surgery.

the doctor has lowered kenny's sedation, so he has been quicker to open his eyes when asked.  this is wonderful, and of course, such a gift for me even if it only lasts a couple seconds.

he has been struggling to obey any other neurological commands, which was what prompted the trauma doctor to order a head CT on friday.  since lowering his sedation, not much has changed, and this is surprising to the doctors (the word actually used was "disturbing".)

tomorrow kenny will get an EEG to further rule out any neurological complications.

i am pleading with God for this test to show no problems, and that ken would start responding.  and i am in such need of peace.  to be quite vulnerable, neurological damage has been my primary fear this entire process.  i am certain the Enemy of my heart is at work here, and i'm trying to place my confidence in the Lord alone.  but it's hard.

would you please pray with me over the next couple days, for no issues to be found with ken's head, and that this would all be because of his sedation medication, the anesthesia from surgery, and pain medication?

thank you for standing in the gap with me.

"let thy goodness, like a fetter

bind my wandering heart to thee

prone to wander 

Lord, i feel it

prone to leave the God i love

here's my heart

O take and seal it

seal it for thy courts above"

{come, thou fount of every blessing} 

thank you, jesus....
~ i've been able to enjoy kenny with his eyes open, even if it's just for a moment
~ we ask ken a question, and two different times i saw him nod "yes"
~ his vitals are wonderful
~ (like i said above) his oxygen has been as strong as ever, and his next step is a trecheostomy
~ amazing medical staff, especially sara and how she knew what i needed friday
~ fevers no longer being an issue, so wonderful
~ the pneumonia is improving
~ being able to start weaning him off some of the sedation

and this is just for the past day or so.  we're so blessed.  


  1. Wow! Praise the Lord! This is a wonderful update and praise report!!! We'll keep praying!

  2. Yes, Lord, yes, Lord, yes, yes, Lord!

  3. Praising God wit you! Been praying everyday and thank you for taking the time to update ur church family. I can only imagine how hard it is to put into words how your feeling but God has given you a gift and your writing is ministering to us all!

  4. Dear God,
    Thank you for taking such good and careful care of Ken. Thank you for knowing just went Lindsay needed to see how wonderful and gentle your caring hands are working to heal Ken. We will keep praying to give thanks for you are doing - praise to you above.
    The Eaton Family

  5. Amazing!!! Praise Him! We will continue to pray... and wait... and hope... and expect His goodness. Love you all.

  6. Thank you Lindsay for sharing the wonderful news! We will continue to pray for Ken's healing and God's peace to surround your sweet family!

  7. Praise the Lord for his goodness. Know we are still praying all through the day and night for all your requests. Thank you God - yes, Lord, thank you. ca

  8. Hello Lindsay. We have never met, but I'm a friend of your Aunt Deb, here in MN. Have been walking this path with you, through with my prayers Can't imagine how horrible this has been. Can't say I know what you're going through because of similar events in my life--I have faced no such trial of this nature. But I thank you for posting these blogs and sharing your journey, allowing us the opportunity to be involved (via prayer) in watching another amazing story unfold as my Jesus works in your crisis. I thank Him not only for the physical touches He is placing on Ken's life right now, but for the miraculous way He is letting Himself be known to you as you vigilantly stand by Ken's side. I praise Him for holding you up, holding you together, protecting your heart, giving you His peace. I know it's a battle to stay in that place of comfort/peace when you're being bombarded with horrendous events and I don't pretend to believe that you are consistently able to stand up under the strain....that you don't have times of serious doubts, and anger, fear/panic. But I know--you know--where to flee when the assaults come chasing you. And I praise Him for that. Because He said He would be there with us during those times...and you have testified that He is doing exactly that. My prayers for Ken have been that God is "thrilling him" with amazing stuff as he has been under induced coma. That in his brain, He is having some wonderful face-to-face/one-on-one time with his Savior. Will continue to pray today for his EEG results and watch your journey continue, with you. A sister in Minnesota, Marge