Sunday, November 25, 2012


UPDATE 4:40pm:  Thank you so very much for your faithful prayers for us today.  After talking  to the surgeon who performed Ken's pelvis surgery, he was given permission for partial-weight bearing.  In two weeks, he can put as much weight on his leg as feels comfortable to him.  Dr. Graff could not even see the fractures in Ken's pelvis because they've healed so beautifully! He was amazed to actually meet ken and affirmed what progress he has made.  Although we were hoping and praying for total weight allowance, Dr. Graff made us see how waiting the additional two weeks for weight will help protect his body for the long-term and since he is so young, it was best to not push the clearance.  We do feel bummed and Ken said he just wants to experience more progress quicker, but he also said putting weight on the leg is so close.  So we will wait on God's perfect timing.  We are confident this was God's decision for this, and are choosing to see it as God's protection for the future.  Short term sacrifice on his part, for a better long-run.  And as we said goodbye, shook Dr. Graff's hand and opened the office door to leave, we were literally blinded by a floor to ceiling window framing the most gorgeous sunset we may have ever seen.  It was a perfect picture of God's faithfulness to make all things beautiful in His time.  and that's all we really want.  Thank you Jesus for a pelvis that's healing amazingly and for the joy it is to place our lives in Your hands.  

UPDATE: ken's appointment is at 1pm today.  Thank you for reaching out to tell us that you're praying for this outcome.  I am eager to see God display His authority today.  "the mind of man plans his ways, but the Lord directs his steps." proverbs 16:9.  I will let you know.

we will return to cooper hospital this week to meet with kenny's orthopedic surgeon, and get some answers for the progress of healing in his hip (from the pelvis surgery on october 4th).

this appointment not only feels medically and physically pivotal in revolutionizing kenny's mobility and independence, but also is coming at a critical time emotionally & spiritually for our family.

as we were talking today, ken expressed how important he felt it was that we gather people to pray for this outcome.  we have talked about many possible outcomes for the short-term future and discussed a lots of things we're hoping for in the days and weeks to when he mentioned having people pray, i had to ask:  so, what should we be asking God for in this situation?  (code for exactly how bold are we getting here)  

his therapists have suggested that he'll likely be allowed first a "toe touch" weight bearing clearance, then another step or two more freedom before the full-fledged, total weight-on-your-foot-good-to-go clearance.  guess we shouldn't stop here with praying for miracles.

i thought ken's answer to my question - what we should be asking God for - was perfectly succinct, so pretty much in his words...."i just feel it's very important now that i get home as soon as possible.  for the girls - it's hard for them to process the hope of me returning home to them without me actually being there because they can't process time well, and we don't exactly know how much longer i'll be here.  and the more comfortable they get with me, the more they miss me."

so, for wednesday, we are asking that ken's left leg would be allowed 100% weight.  and that this week, we would be able to get a specific discharge date so we can start countdown to it
It seems like so much is hinging on this appointment - because once the doctors know the results, they will be able to better determine a discharge time frame.  "a discharge date would be the tangible hope the girls need.  every morning they wake up, they could rip a link off the chain."

i am ready.  we're all ready.  there's just so many layers to the working through and processing of a tragedy like this....these past couple weeks have been a lot.  we often find ourselves in the midst of conversation, going only several sentences at a time before a need comes up so loud & clear, and one of us is saying wait.  let me pray about that real quick. right now. 

we are trying to navigate the muddy waters of each of our hearts, and then it's the sweet hearts of our girls - doing the same for them...even littlest lady, who seemed pretty unfazed, is being adamant about seeing her daddy and out of the blue missing him.  it's getting long and the hard questions from our oldest keep coming.  her heart is longing for the security that only a Daddy can provide. 

and it was an honor to pray about this with him tonight.  being a man with not an ounce of pretense, i can always count on his words being sincere, and as he cried out to God about wednesday, it was on behalf of "his girls".   i'm learning from a selfless heart.  we found ourselves praying, "even if He doesn't...."  and even if He doesn't, we will trust.  even if He doesn't, we will thank.

thank you for partnering with us.  you're a treasure.  


  1. we're praying along with you especially for tomorrow. love you much - jame and dougie

  2. Continuing to pray for you guys and thank God for all He is doing through you! Praying specifically for tomorrow...countdown paper chain is an awesome idea. O Lord, may it be so! Love to all, Rach for all us Eshbaugh's

  3. Praying tonight for a miracle tomorrow! I will "quietly hope" for you all day long, "great is his faithfulness!"
    Love, Rach

  4. We are praying for God to work a miracle! Praying with anticipation!

  5. Hooray- still great news! Cannot really even see the fractures? Amazing! The sunset? What a wonderful touch of God's Presence. Be encouraged: the physical progress Kenny has already made is astounding and I would venture to say so is your spiritual "progress", Lin. Truly your family is precious....