Tuesday, November 6, 2012

thank you

today was a great day with our little lady.  we spent the morning at school together, had lunch, and spent the remainder of our day with kenny.  i asked her if all the time we spent with daddy at rehab fulfilled her desire to spend more time with him, and she said that it did, so that's wonderful.  i am thanking God for making this a peaceful day for her.

i give jesus glory for giving her the strength to "do what she needs to do" in the past day or two.  and just continue to ask God to minister to her little heart.  on our way home, we were talking about our visit and i asked her what the best part of her day was.  kissing daddy.  and what the toughest part of her day was.  leaving daddy.  i feel you, sweet daughter.  and then came:  i just have eleven pieces in my heart.  and they're all lost.

a sharp observation from my four-year-old, because i'm feeling a little lost too.

as we thank God for all He has done to bring kenny out from the shadow of death, the prayer needs continue as we wait for God to physically strengthen His son.  he is not used to being weak - far from it - and is being stretched in this area....he is proactively waiting (i'm learning those seemingly contradicting two words go together way more than i ever realized) for God to pour strength back into his body.  in spite of the pain, through the injuries.  please pray for his heart to be encouraged by his progress.  and i do want to thank God for allowing ken's sleep to improve a bit.

and medically, please pray that his blood pressure is able to stay down.  and also pray that the doctors make the best decision for ken as far as timing for the removal of his tracheostomy

thank you for continuing to travel this path with us.  all your communication and encouragement means so much to not only me, but now ken as well, as i share with him every bit of encouragement that comes my way.  you're strengthening his soul.

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