Thursday, November 22, 2012

thank You, jesus.

...thank You for the perfectly sound mind you restored.  you performed an actual miracle.  you made what should never have happened, happen.
...thank You for being home.
...thank You for the purity of being able to worship.
...thank You that my happy, kissing, snuggly littlest lady makes my heart overflow with joy and causes my all my circumstances to fade in the background in the light of her presence.
...thank You for a sense of belonging.
...thank You for singing loud, fun songs with the girls in the car.
...thank You for how my deep-thinking, spiritually-minded little lady is teaching me about a trust that's truly child-like.
...thank You for my heroic, selfless family that gave me the sweetest gify of precious time with my husband.
...thank You for deuteronomy 30:19
...thank You for using the powerful prayers of many to save my husband's life.
...thank You for life-restoring medical tools.
...thank You for professionals who have made many beautiful differences in my life - in both the big ways and small.
...thank You for my in-law family.
...thank You for sunshine on my face.
...thank You for good hugs.
...thank You for the complicated made simple.
...thank You for sisters.  four generations worth.
...thank You for psalm 27.
...thank You for candles.
...thank You for teaching me with that i would least expect.
...thank You for hope.
...thank You for familiarity.
...thank You for outside on the roof.
...thank You for the humbling experience, almost daily, of being loved tangibly and practically by friends.
...thank You for del frisco's.
...thank You for seeing a sense of humor, unexpected joy.
...thank You for accepting me, no changes necessary.
...thank You for Truth.
...thank You for ears that endlessly listen.
...thank You for knowing when it's too much.
...thank you for rescuing my husband from death's shadow.
...thank You for the challenge to make You enough.

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  1. So thankful, with you! Psalm 27 was and remains a beacon to me for centering my faith and hope in the great love of our God. He is mighty to save, tender in holding our brokenness to lead our hearts in knowing Him with an unshakeable trust. Praying for you and your family through this journey.