Wednesday, September 26, 2012

prayer walk

hi.  one of my aunts was asked if i would ever consider doing a prayer walk for ken.  meaning, anyone who wanted to pray for ken could just meet at the hospital, walk around for a little, and pray for his recovery.  so, for those interested:

cooper hospital main lobby
sunday, september 30th


  1. Praying now Linds and will be there Sunday. Love you.

  2. How I wish I could be part of this Lin. But, know that you have a whole bunch of people lifting you up in prayer. We love you all, and continue to pray for Jesus' presence in that hospital room, and unbelievable miracles. Aunt Debbie

  3. Unable to be there in person, but praying constantly for you all. Miracles, hope and healing are prayers wrapped all around you in this circle of praying friends as we hold you & Kenny before our God and Father.