Monday, September 24, 2012

everything is different

ken ended up not having the surgery today.  i see this as god's protection because his lungs simply aren't healthy enough yet.  everything else pretty much remains the same. 

loved how this song spoke to my heart on my way to the hospital today...

{shane & shane everything is different} made a way when there was no way
you covered heaviness with a garment of praise
you wrote a song and you're singing it over me turn ashes into beauty
you are for me, not against me now
you found me somehow
you turn mourning into dancing
you turn weeping into joyful noise
oh rejoice....
tonight, i'm praying that the doctors have perfect wisdom from the Lord to know if ken is strong and healthy enough to withstand the lengthy surgery.  and i am also praying that his infection would go away.

all my gratitude.

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