Monday, September 24, 2012

please pray tonight.

i know my previous post was similar to this information, but since then i had an enlightening conversation with a trauma doctor i first met tonight. two things.

the source of kenny's infection is still unknown and finding out its exact location comes with risks. 

ken is getting to the end of the optimal window to have a ventilator through his mouth.  and as each day passes beyond the window, risks run higher. 

these two things are preventing him from having a necessary surgery.

my heart is really hurting tonight.  i don't want to run with feelings, yet i am feeling beyond discouraged.  while so thankful for how several significant things have improved since the accident, ken's made little progress in the past four days. 

i am begging God to have his lungs take a positive turn.  please pray with me.

(1) for God to miraculously breath life into kenny's lungs and they'd begin working on their own, and a  tracheostomy would not even be needed. 

(2) the doctor told me that they expect ken to run a high fever again tonight because that's been his pattern.  i am pleading with God for this not to happen, and for there to be no more signs of any infection at all.


  1. Lifting you all up in prayer and asking the Lord for a miracle
    Kate and Jamin

  2. Lindsay, we are praying with you and for you!

  3. We're praying for you guys Linds! Our God is Greater than All!

  4. Praying for Kenny, you and your family.