Friday, January 18, 2013

some ways to pray

there's nothing sweeter to hear than we're still praying for you.   thank you for that, and thank you for trusting our lives to Jesus with us...we feel your prayers.  it's been a while since a prayer update, so i wanted to keep you updated.  these are just some suggestions for where we are right now...

: :  huge praise that ken has finished his day hospital portion of therapy!  God has given him an incredible ability to work really hard (not surprised there), and as a result, it's been a fruitful time.

: :  in a week or so he'll transition into outpatient therapy.  this means some changes that will happen in our routine, so we're praying we'll both do this gracefully and that ken's time during the week would be spent fruitfully.  "seek first the kingdom of God, and all these things shall be added unto you..." (matthew 6:33) has come up a bunch in our conversations with one another.  

: :  our oldest is really enjoying the familiarity of daddy again, and it's wonderful to see school become effortless again.  yet she is struggling with some fears that especially wake her up in the middle of the night.  i am praying that God's perfect love would cast out any fear that she would have....that her little heart would be able to grab onto that love in a tangible way.

: :  so many things to thank God for!  praise for ken and the date he had with a four-year-old yesterday ... praise for music that continues to flood our hearts with gratitude and leaves us astounded at the God we get to serve. . .i'm losing our arm-wrestling matches very quickly lately . . . God's provided an amazing person to meet with us and help us work through this journey of ours . . .the joy of remembering all God has done. . .the girls' patience with all our doctors' appointments (and even the fun family time they've somehow become) . . . moments we have with the girls before bed

: :  we are so thankful to God at how kenny's strength and physical abilities are returning.  yet, the numbness in his fingers remains unchanged and a source of discouragement.  i am praying for God to be complete in His healing of ken and for us to sense His leading through the doctors as he'll get another test to determine a more accurate location of the nerve damage (which will happen on february 4th)

: :  and somewhat related, as ken's been home for a little over a month now, reality is sinking in with the gap between what he wants to do/used to be able to do and what he is able to do now.  i know he wants God to use this time to shape him and declare His power through ken's very tangible weaknesses...please pray that would happen in ken's heart.

thank you for your consistent love for us, we feel it and love you.


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