Friday, December 14, 2012

three ways to thank God

wednesday morning, we woke up to ken being able to put as much weight on his legs as he could tolerate!  he has some getting used to with walking again, but is doing incredible.

that day we also had a follow-up appointment for his fractured C7 and the ligament damage associated with it.  this is the appointment we've been waiting for to determine if he could finally take off the neck brace -- and yep!  it's healed.

and while we were at cooper that morning, we walked across the street over to the hospital, i returned back to the third floor, and i walked  into the Trauma ICU until with Ken to thank once again the heroes who cared for him.  the last time we were in that unit, life was so different, and it wasn't even that long ago.   our friends there made me promise to come back when he was up and walking again, and when i agreed i never imagined the joy it would be.  it was amazing to see everyone again from such a different was a fun day for us.

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